12 stycznia 2011

I hate winter. I hate being cold. I hate snow which becomes mud and makes my shoes dirty. 
I hate grey sky. I hate memories of warm, sunny days - just because I miss them so much.

photo: jnnwtk model: miranda t.

30 grudnia 2010

My new Vivienne Westwood shoes. Very simple and elegant. 

29 grudnia 2010

27 listopada 2010


23 listopada 2010

Yesterday on VOGUE.COM I read an interesting article about Tom Ford. All about exclusive secret fashion shows, happiness and growing old.

"Ford’s most glamorous women friends and acquaintances, spanning Hollywood, music, society, and high fashion, had all dropped everything to fly in and model for him, no questions asked. With 100 guests seated expectantly, Ford stood by a mantelpiece, in black tie, with a mic, and introduced his cast as “many of the world’s most inspirational women,” proceeding to read out what they were wearing. “Ladies and gentlemen,” he declared, in old style–camp diction: “Please welcome . . . ""